How did I come to be a nudist? Well, this is kind of a difficult question because I don’t

know for sure whether I ‘m a nudist or not. However, the fact remains that I’m on my way. At least I have made my first, still unclear, measures. It all started last summer when I first met Andrew. He suggested that we go to a secluded Long Island seashore where to meet someone is a very rare opportunity. It was our strategy to bring along as many individuals as possible, however in the end there were only three of us coming: Andrew, me, and my friend Alice.
Alice and I got everything ready for the planned picnic: we purchased some food, put on new swimsuits, and took large bedclothes. Andrew was already waiting for us at the bus stop. Having been lectured on our tardiness, we got into the bus. There was a long way to go bus and then a few miles to walk, so we began to lose our clothing, piece by piece, while we were still on our way. Andrew took off his T-shirt and used it to cover his head. Alice and I likewise took off our T-shirts and walked on wearing our skirts and swimsuit tops.
We’d been quite tired when we finally got to the public beach. But Andrew didn’t quit there. Instead he guided us on promising to reveal us some excellent area. We were walking along posh villas, the road was dusty and also the heat was something dreadful. We were dying to dive into cool water and stretch on the bedclothes! When we had covered another mile we finally took a turn from the main road and walked in just one file along a narrow trail that wound beach handjobs between bushes and trees. Finally we saw the glade we had been searching for! We disposed of what was left from our clothing and dropped our bags to the ground carelessly and decided to take a plunge into the river. Cool and clean water made us feel alive again. Andrew and I were the first to come out of water.
‘What would you say if I took off my swimming trunks?’ – he asked. He then continued: ‘I want my suntan to be even’.
I wouldn’t mind him doing so if it wasn’t for Alice being around. I knew she would be scandalized if he were to do teen nudism . But I did not object openly to the bloke. He stripped and lay on his belly, exhibiting his butt to the sunrays. By the by, the colour of his bottom didn’t differ from that of the remainder of his body. Terrified by Alice’s would be reaction, I was waiting for her to approach. Finally I saw her coming out of the water serenely. When she came closer and saw Andrew, she seemed like she was stricken by lightning, but she didn’t say a thing and triying difficult to appear like nothing had occurred, lay down beside us.
So, there we were sunbathing like that: Andrew was bare, while Alice and me had our swimsuits on. When Andrew believed that Alice was no longer embarrassed by his nudity, he took me away, kissed and said ‘Take off all your garments’. Frankly speaking, I had been craving to take my swimsuit away and expose to the sun the paler spots on my body. But in empathy with Alice I had not done this. But now that we were separated from Alice by a wall of shrubbery, I really couldn’t fight the temptation if letting him yank off all the unnecessary pieces of clothing from me. Afterward we lay on the grass and started playing cards. Andrew called Alice. We did not have to ask her twice, and soon she joined us.
‘Don’t be a coy, go ahead and take your swimsuit off! There is no one near!’ – Proposed Andrew, but she only shook her head. I realized that my own nudity was even more confusing for her than Andrew’s, but sweeping away the lame pangs of my conscience, I stayed to be stripped to the bark. After a while we heard the sound of began engine and then an old Buick came into view. There appeared a couple of it – a guy along with a lady. Having set all of their properties ready to have a great time, they went right to the water. They were certainly bare. Notwithstanding the fact that their bodies were, well, far from being perfect, they weren’t in the least put out by their nudity and were feeling rather natural. They lay on the beach to sunbathe when they emerged out of the water.
Then it was our turn to bathe. Andrew refused pointblank to put on his swimming trunks. As for me, I put on my swimsuit quite unwillingly, simply for the sake of my empathy towards Alice. I’m not sure as for the couple’s reaction towards our emerging from behind the bushes, but Andrew was feeling quite relaxed. He wasn’t even embarrassed by fishermen fishing somewhere at a space in their boats. When we came out of the water the Buick was already gone and we came back to our old place on the glade. Andrew took off my swimsuit from me without saying anything and wiped me with a bath towel. It was a fantastically blissful sensation to stand amidst flamboyant greenery nude enjoying the life giving sunrays. And although somewhere deep in my heart I still felt the remains of my shyness, I was really determined to forget about it, not letting it get me down.
Andrew attempted to do the same to Alice, to help her to fight her constraint, but she only rushed away in panic from him. After this he let her alone for a little while.

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Then our conversation streamed to discussing the ways of breast enlargement, and Alice started educating me some daily breast enlargement exercise complex. To present the job of breast muscles, or maybe because her want finally conquered her shyness, Alice let her swimsuit slip to her midsection, and we began doing the exercises together. Andrew found us in this very place, kneeling close to each other and doing some complex exercises. Alice was very embarrassed and put the straps of her swimsuit top back on her shoulders.
It was getting late and it was time for all of us to start packing our things and go back home, but we needed to take just one more plunge before we leave. Andrew and I decided to do it bare. Holding hands with each other, when the water reached our waists we looked back and to our utter surprise we saw Alice standing by the water… completely naked!
Exhausted but happy and full of new impressions, we were getting back home. It absolutely was our first experience of bathing nude outside, an unexpected and gratifying encounter. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the summertime to come to continue my friend with nature in its primordial form. Andrew and I aim to proceed to the seaside. And I know for sure that we won’t want any ‘cloth’ pastime by the beachfront anymore.


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