My wife and I planned to spend a day walking in the country park which runs along the coast from Hastings

(Sussex, England) to Petts Degree where there is a beach with the remains of a petrified woods.
Knowing that my wife wouldn’t have the ability to resist paddling in the sea when we reached the shore I had packed towels in a rucksack along with our lunch.
Almost as soon as we approached Hastings in our auto the sun came out as though to make a mockery of the weather forecast of a warm but overcast day.

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We’d walked far before it was really quite hot. There are coves at the base of the the cliffs but we generally avoided the steep climb necessary to reach them (they are now inaccessible as coastal erosion has made the cliffs dangerous). Nevertheless my wife could see the sea and wanted to reach it! We followed a route which appeared to be leading in the right course and this brought us to the top of a wooden stairway. Yet there was a sign which warned that on the shores one might see naturists … My wife said it was a shame to turn back now.
Being a hot day there was rather quite a few folks already in the cove. One end was certainly a suntrap and was crowded – chiefly with naturists as far as we could tell from a distance. We made our method to a less busy part and put down our towels to make the pebbles more comfortable to sit on while we ate our lunch. I took off my teeshirt and my wife surveyed the seashore. She said it was a shame we’d come unprepared but did I think her panties would look as a bikini. I said that her knickers would likely pass but family nudist photo was not certain about her bra. She agreed and quickly took off her skirt. After pausing she then took off her blouse and her bra. On holiday in France she had often gone topless so this was not especially astonishing. I do not generally wear anything under shorts so I asked her if she minded if took off my shorts since it was so hot, She said that was OK so we sat and ate our lunch with me nude and her wearing only her knickers.
After lunch my wife began to get uneasy. The sea was calling … It was noticeable that at our end of the beach rather plenty of women who sunbathed topless put on to walk to the sea to swim; equally women and men who were sunbathing nude replaced their costumes before walking to the ocean. My wife then took off her knickers and inquired if I needed to go in for a swim. She said she would need to maintain her knickers dry as she couldn’t walk back up the stairs in a skirt without wearing knickers. Walking down that beach hand in hand with my lovely naked wife is one of my happiest and proudest memories. After swimming we sunbathed some more and then after a second swim it was time to continue our walk. That was our first visit to a clothing optional beach.
We had formerly visited on a few occasions a spa using a sauna where costumes weren’t worn so this was not a instance of the very first time nude in public but it was the first time outside. Since then we’ve seen French clothing optional beaches but my wife prefers to put on a bikini (or at least the bottom) while I normally go nude. On one occasion we’d gone out on a dull day and been surprised when it turned hot and again my wife had stripped happily as it was the only way she would have the ability to swim. I don’t understand why she prefers to wear a costume but I cherish the memory of that day in Fairlight Cove.


    Shantelle Lindon

    did you take any pictures of said alleged kinkiness?


    more natural shots than most contributions. nice bod.


    Hola! Buenas fotos y buen cuerpo! No te razures, tu bosque estas hermoso. Ay que hir a explorarlo!


    Sandfly I am honoured to bring the 1st positive comment here. So bad the 3 sad people above cannot not appreciate a great not staged beachvoyeur video.


    I know, I know….acne, right? I had that when I was a kid. Awful. Dabbed some gunk called clearasil on it and it eventually went away. These babes have it BAD, so I suggest twenty gallons of the stuff, a barrel and ten apples. Throw the apples in the barrel of gunk and go dunking.


    You are great! Please post more and even bigger photos!!! I`d like to get some via email also: Tell me, what you want to see.


    These pix would have been superb if there wasn't that darn blurr hiding your lovely face.


    Love your tits!!!! Amazing nipples!!! More “wood” be great!!! Any camping pix?

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