There are really so many variations of nude living that one needn’t even call oneself a nudist or naturist.

I’ve known who were naked at home most of the time; yet never referred to themselves as a N or N. My X never referred to herself as a nudist either; even though she participated in social nudism. Those I have known who did call themselves nudists or naturists were active social nudists, with AANR memberships and resort/club membership. They used either term to “authenticate” their active contribution as well as commitment to the nudist philosophy.
I actually don’t believe horny beach teens need bother with defining or labeling your bare inclinations – unless you are actively seeking a social nudist environment. But in case you still feel the need to define what you do, I think the term “home-nudist” is applicable to your circumstance. As far as your last question, it depends upon your intent. Should you get a bang out of the concept of other people seeing your wife nude, then you certainly might be venturing into hedonistic terrain. I loved my X being openly naked amongst other nudists; because her comfort with nudity was significant to me. And the recognition of her attractivenes supplied me with some measure of pride. But it had little to do with some hedonistic impulse to exhibit my naked wife (p.s. I am not judging you at all; only describing te difference).

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