throng had dissipated, we could see the finish line just 100 feet off to our

left, across the road was the strand and Pacific Ocean, and standing right in
One of them decided it was
I inquired if I could at least complete the race
the manner I began, but was told no. We’d passed many police officers on the
route, none had commented on the nudity, but for these two, the race was over.
We honored, place our
Garments on, and made it through the finish gate just as the big ‘FINISH LINE’
banner was being taken down.
This was a fantastic
Occasion. It was pleasure. I believed I made a statement about body acceptance,
self-determination and independence. I will be back, and I’ll begin and finish
Fully naked. I’m even threatening to get in great even physical condition to
actually try running the race.
As a result of Les Dearing for
introducing me to this event, it was a blast.
For generations, refined
Europeans have loved topless and bottomless vacations. In fact, you may find
it more of a challenge to discover a beach where everyone is dressed than a bare
Seashore. Based on Sunlovers magazine, “They say you cannot go further than two
If the
weather is warm, only try the shores between resort shores, and you are bound
to find
Nudism. Or ask in the local tourist office
for “La Plage Naturiste.”
lot of thought as to why individuals do just that. Although there’s been considerably
written about the liberation and personal freedom connected with such a
lifestyle Dr. Leisure believes the motives are more essential. People are

want to be a part of something.
that something.
which may ultimately be the community in which we live.
Part of the thought of
community is associating with like First Nudist Experience using a Friend . That’s why we favor
going to the church of our choice, or being a member of a specific societal
club, or rooting for a particular football team. Being thus involved constitutes a
manifestation of the notion of “community.”
within the various nudist communities or clubs which Dr. Leisure has visited all
Individuals involved are fundamentally no different than most
Anyplace else, except they may not have on a full set of clothing.
I would like to suggest the
description of a stereo typical nudist community. It will include among its
physical comforts club house, swimming pool, volley ball court, restaurant,
Lodgings lodgings and outdoor space. The folks in it is going to be doing such
things as reading, eating, sleeping, playing, and in general living.
Nothing particularly
unusual here! And that is the point. Being a real naturist and living in a nudist
community is only another variation of the human condition. It is folks being
with people and creating a community.
Little Snippet about
Bare Clubs and Bare Resorts
Clubs and nudist resorts
vary in many regards. Some will offer and need a tour of the grounds. Some
will demand nudity on this tour while others will not. Some have world class
resort accommodations, others are more rustic with most somewhere in between.
Clubs typically charge a day
use fee and an added fee to remain overnight. The fee will be contingent on the
nature of accommodations, number in party, number of days, etc.
regarding admittance of single people either male or female.
family oriented but again some may not be.
Request about the matters that
concern you and your scenario.
Going to a strand or hot
Springtime is even simpler. When it is a high use area (and many clothes optional
Seashores have that amount of usage) just drop in and do what feels right. Dr.
Leisure would suggest locating a place on the beach that suites one’s private
preferences for sunlight/shade. The World Guide proposes some protocols for nude
Plage users and you might need to review them.

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In general nude or clothing
optional beaches are like any other except most folks aren’t wearing clothing.
on textile shores. But that is a relative statement and in point of fact Dr.
Leisure has discovered people to be very friendly to him where ever My nude beach experiences began a number of years past; strangely enough may be in the
regular physical education classes taught by a special P.E. teacher rather than
by our regular classroom teacher.
pool, we had swimming classes as part of the P.E. program. For these
Courses–separate classes for boys and girls–boys were required to swim bare.

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